Case Study – 


SEO & Content Optimisation


A horticulture automation brand focusing on North American, Australian, Dutch and New Zealand markets had fallen behind competitors in organic results. With a new website build in the pipeline, it was the perfect opportunity to put excellent foundations to build for the short & long term.

Our Approach

Our Process

After reviewing the current website, we focused on content optimisation, internal linking, a new website structure based on search query research and mapping, content and user intent analysis, and other on-page advanced tactics.

Increase in TOP3 positions for highly valuable, niche related keywords
Increase in TOP10 positions for highly valuable, niche related keywords
New search queries gained which related to the main niche and previously didn’t rank at all


LOGIC1 optimised content based on our search query research and mapping by making it more relevant, applying advanced content analysis methods based on user intents, types and actual competition. As a result, we gained new rankings for newly discovered keywords and increased traffic from already ranked/very relevant keywords for the business.