Case Study – 

Kitchen Warehouse Australia

67% Increase in Paid Search Revenue


With the merger of Kitchen Warehouse and Kitchenware Direct, there was a need for a full integration of the two AdWords accounts and support of the joint SEO efforts through paid search advertising.

LOGIC1 were chosen to work with the KWH team during this integration and to create a robust AdWords campaign structure, focused on detail, relevancy, user journey and long-term business goals. In the first months we were challenged with ensuring the traffic levels remain strong, while the long-term objective was to achieve a CPA under AU$18 with Cost of Services to be under 15%.

Our Approach

Our Process

Paid search revenue up
Assisted conversion value up
Conversion rate up


Having access to two separate sets of data from each brand’s AdWords account, our initial work focused in in-depth keyword- and ad copy-level analysis. The brand previously used a data SAAS+ PPC management tool that had worked successfully for a time but with unchecked automation, the performance was dropping. We wanted to create a mix of automation and hands-on management.

From our experience in ecommerce campaign management, we knew the importance of high relevancy between the 3 key elements: KEYWORD  AD COPY  LANDING PAGE. With over 30,000 products available on the site we also had to balance the search volumes, expected CPCs, revenue margins and ROI estimates, to ensure that the new account structure will use the available budget in the most effective and efficient way.

From the launch date, our optimization efforts were very granular, as we worked from the keyword level up. In the first month paid activity achieved a CPA of $27.21, giving us the benchmark, we needed to base our strategy on. From here our approach was detail driven.

During those months we also introduced a number of solutions into the account, including Shopping Campaigns, Local Inventory Ads, Visual Links, Structured Snippets, Promotion Extensions, Location Extensions, Store Visits and many others. Thanks to the clients drive to test and trial new opportunities, we had the flexibility of taking advantage of any new AdWords products and releases available in Australia and deciding on their use based on the actual results.

We engaged with LOGIC1 to handle the merging of our two brands into one. The concern was that we would lose customers due to this merger but the detailed & structured way the process was handled meant we actually increased our combined revenue immediately. We could not be happier with the results!

Charlotte Holloway, Kitchen Warehouse AU – Head of E-Commerce