Case Study – 

SBS Bank

Utilising Facebook organic tools for high engagement


To create an organic Facebook campaign that has significant reach and engagement.

The Facebook algorithm limits the reach of organic content and often less than 10% of page followers will see Facebook page posts. The more users engage (like, comment or share) with content, the more Facebook will view it as important, prioritize it and allow it to reach more people.

Our challenge was to create a Facebook campaign that generated high reach & engagement without being supported by additional advertising budget.

Our Approach

Our Process

Over 12 days in the lead up to Christmas SBS Bank followers were given the opportunity to vote for items to be included in charity hampers. Each day users had the opportunity to vote for one of two items in a Facebook poll.

We utilised Christmas being a charitable time of year and incorporated relevant and relatable messaging.

poll votes in 12 days,
Average daily engagement rate per Facebook poll


In the 12 days of this campaign, there were more than 4,500 poll votes, averaging 394 per day. This is an excellent result, particularly for a campaign ran at Christmas time, when the Facebook newsfeed is a highly competitive space. The engagement rate average was a high 17%.

“Facebook polls stand out visually and allow people to respond with minimal effort, making engagement more likely. People are curious to see the results and intrigued to see if their answer is a popular choice. All this adds up to increased engagement”.

Holly Ross, Social Media Manager