Case Study – 

SBS Bank

Over 160k video views in just two weeks


Understanding that SBS Bank’s brand presence in Auckland was limited due to the lack of physical branches, we wanted to use a channel which deliver significant reach among all demographics. As Aucklanders have some of the highest disposable income rates in New Zealand, connecting with this audience was extremely important to our business objectives.

Our challenge was to deliver high reach among relevant audience. This in return was to not only generate increased brand recall and offer awareness, but also translate to quality website traffic and possibly new leads.

Our Approach

Our Process

We decided to start with a high frequency True View activity, to drive views of our TVC. This was targeted using Interest and Topic categories and optimised to generate views.

Week 2 started with a mobile & desktop Masthead format, which contributed to significantly to the campaign. We enhanced the video with a custom thumbnail too, to ensure our key messages reaches all users, regardless of the length of the video they watched.

This is when we also activated our remarketing layer, using exclusively Bumper Ads. The 6-seconds cut was created specifically for this placement, where we re-engaged with those who already seen our video ads, but who have not enquired about the product via our website.

ad views
Average completion rate (vs. industry avg. 22%)
new channel subscribers


Within the 3 weeks of this campaign, our full-length ad was viewed over 160,000 times, with 36% completion rate. This is an excellent result, particularly for a financial product. 47% views and 48% of resulting website sessions originated in Auckland, demonstrating how powerful YouTube’s reach is. This traffic generated 8 leads, achieving conversion rate of 1.1% – much higher than campaign’s average of 0.24%. SBS Bank gained 144 subscribers as a secondary benefit of this activity also.

Using high-reach solutions like Masthead and True View also gave us the opportunity to leverage search campaigns more innovatively.

James Julian, Marketing Manager