Case Study – 

Whisky Galore

Technical SEO for Shopify Website

Due to the high level of products on our client’s store, technical issues caused possibilities to generate up to 70 or even 100 different URLs per page, leading to slow crawl speeds which affected performance and ranking on the search engine results page. Due to so many variations, users were also not getting to the correct landing page, hindering revenue growth.

Our Approach

Our Process

LOGIC1 customised the site theme, optimised theme design and functionality, modified default Shopify breadcrumbs functionality to improve crawlability and minimise any crawling anomalies.

Increase in revenue YoY
Increase in site traffic YoY
Decrease in “Indexed, not submitted in sitemap” pages


As a result, the website got crawled faster, new products are getting indexed relatively quickly and are no longer identified as duplicate content. Since January 2021, the Google search console report shows zero Crawl Anomalies, which is down from over 26,000 pages. Our client’s website is now showing in more SERPS increasing traffic by nearly 140% YoY. Due to those users landing on the correct product URL, we have seen a robust increase in revenue YoY of 114%.