How to use the psychology of colour for website conversions

Here at LOGIC1, we love to measure results and retest them again to optimise for greater performance, which has made us find the topic of colour psychology so important when thinking about potential leads and conversions online. If you’re already getting a little bit lost in some of the digital marketing terms we’re using, check […]

How to get a start-up business off the ground

how to get your start up off the ground

Are you thinking of bringing a dream business idea of yours to reality? Maybe you already have, but the monetary results you were hoping for haven’t started flowing as much as you’d hoped quite yet. Digital marketing is a great way to gain tracks when you’re trying to get your business on the map. That’s […]

Digital Marketing Glossary

So you’d like to start growing your business online, but are totally lost with all the technical jargon and acronyms. That’s why we’ve put together this digital marketing glossary, complete with all of the important, relevant and interesting terms used in Digital Marketing. Ad Click When a user clicks on an ad to see the full […]

Growing Business Online

growing business online

LOGIC1 was shortlisted as Google Premier Partners Awards finalist in Growing Business Online category. This is a great achievement for our clients and our team, but nowadays – what does it really take to grow your online presence and get the results you need from your digital channels?   Set your own KPIs It never […]

5 Steps to a successful Google Ads strategy for mobile

Mobile Friendly

Is your paid mobile search working for you? Earlier this year Google confirmed that mobile searches have now exceeded desktop but before even thinking about changing your entire approach to ‘mobile-first’ and increasing spend, here are a few tips to help you get the most from your current campaigns. Are your ads converting? If you […]

Making your keywords work harder

Best performing keywords

Your keyword lists are built; you’ve identified the high converting keywords and you’re getting qualified traffic to your site but can you get even more traffic from those high converting terms? Below are a few tips and tricks to help you squeeze an extra few visits from your star performers in both organic and paid […]

The power of local marketing

Local marketing

During our holidays we had a chance to catch up on some very interesting reading, and one story in particular grabbed our attention. The future of local marketing – a topic we’re very passionate about – and it focuses on the amazing opportunities available to local companies. Local marketing must be flexible This article highlights […]