Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

Increase your digital presence through data-driven results, securing attributable and profitable conversions that allow for scale.

LOGIC1 is a full-service digital marketing agency, offering a wide range of services within each step of the digital marketing process. Our team of nine experts provide a comprehensive one-stop-shop to all of your digital marketing needs, meaning you can relax and focus on the part of the business that you do best.

Strategies for Success

A unique and captivating digital marketing strategy is imperative in today’s non-stop digital landscape. We ensure that your campaign strategy aligns with your business objectives while encompassing an omnichannel, attributable strategy that increases your bottom line.

Optimise for Algorithms

Ensuring that your website is optimised for search engine algorithms such as Google and Bing allow your business to be visible and reachable through organic traffic streams. LOGIC1 offers a complete list of Search Engine Optimisation services, including technical SEO, local SEO and content creation from an SEO perspective to ensure that your site is easy to crawl and delivers results.

“We were delighted by the online results, but the increase in offline sales as a direct result of the CRO was incredible.”

– Dalice McGregor, Shotover Canyon Swing Marketing Manager

Measure Campaign Performance Accurately

Improve your campaign measurement, align metrics with organisational objectives and increase your digital campaign efficiency with custom tracking and reporting. LOGIC1 uses a data-driven, integrated approach to custom reporting, meaning that you save time reviewing how your campaigns perform, making more time for the things that you do best.

Social Media

LOGIC1 offers a diverse range of social media marketing services to suit your business’s individual needs and goals. We work with various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and LinkedIn, picking the best to focus on for your social media strategy. From designing a strategy to organic posts, creative assets, online competitions, and advertising, we ensure that your social media marketing aligns with your brand to increase your online presence and grow your business. 

Advertising for Your Goals

In recent years, the digital marketing environment has become cluttered, meaning online advertising requires effective and research-driven campaign strategies to remain ahead of competitors more than ever. Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, lead generation or sales, our experts in pay per click, display and social media advertising can employ a research-based, data-driven strategy to align with your goals.

“James & the team in LOGIC1 were a pleasure to work with. They understood our challenges as a business & helped us achieve all our goals on time & under budget.”

– Phil Rance, CEO

Why Choose A Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency?

A full-service digital marketing agency offers an integrated approach. The team has a diverse range of skill sets that allow for painless problem solving while ensuring best practices in every aspect of the digital environment. Our team of experts specialise in everything from branding to strategy, implementation, reporting and optimisation, meaning that all aspects of your integrated approach are delivered successfully.