Facebook Audience Network is here

Facebook Audience Network

The launch of Facebook Audience Network was announced this week, and there’s a great level of excitement among online marketers regarding this opportunity. Currently available only in beta, this mobile network will not only add to Facebook’s extensive targeting options list, but will also enable app developers to monetize their work. So, how does it work?

Facebook Audience Network for app developers

If you’re a mobile app developer you can now sell your inventory to Facebook, allowing them to place ads within your product. This feature is only available in beta at the moment, but you can sign up for the program here. Once your application for beta access is approved, you will be able to begin the implementation and make your app inventory available to Facebook campaigns. And get paid for it, of course!

Advertise on Facebook Audience Network

If on the other hand, you want to expand your Facebook campaigns outside the platform – Facebook Audience Network will do just that. It will extend your Facebook campaign to mobile apps with the use of the same detailed targeting options available for all Facebook campaigns. So, if you are running News Feed ads already – FAN will be available in the ad creation interface of your account.

Facebook Audience Network will offer 3 creative ad formats – banner, interstitial and native.

Facebook Audience Network Ad Formats_NZDMI

Regardless of the format, there will be no need to upload new creative — ads in the Audience Network use the same images you use for your ads on Facebook.

At the moment the Facebook Audience Network is starting with two marketing objectives available to advertisers – driving app installs or app engagement. New campaign goals will be available in the near future.

As the concept is still in beta version, it might take some time before the FAN is available to all advertisers. Facebook is also promising that results will be improving over time, as more app developers join the program, making their inventory available for campaigns.

Other updates from the social giant

The Facebook Audience Network wasn’t the only development announced by the social network during their f8 event this week. From many of the recent updates, two more are definitely worth noting:

You will now be able to access Facebook apps anonymously. As it might seem strange for social network to move towards private logins, it was explained that the anonymity aspect is between the user and the app, not the user and Facebook.

Facebook also launched mobile Like button for apps, to enable easier sharing of mobile content.

It’s good to see new and interesting features being introduced by Facebook and we are very excited to run our first campaigns across Facebook Audience Network. It could be your campaign!