Facebook tests Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads

In testing its potential new product, Facebook is pushing the envelope in new techniques dedicated to lead generation and direct response advertising. Lead Ads are being tested around the world by just a couple of dozen global companies, the names of which have not yet been released by Facebook, and, with successful feedback, will see a full product release soon.

What are Lead Ads?

Lead Ads provide the user with a simpler, swifter way to fill out forms on their mobile devices, making the mobile sign up process that much easier. The product uses the native sign up flow, established within Facebook, using information already provided by the user, to Facebook, to automatically populate the contact information in advertiser’s online forms. Specifically designed to avoid pain points, the product has been created to ease the user’s access to online marketing through their mobile devices, and aid the flow of information between the user and the advertiser.

Lead Ads will be a great help in checking conversion lift measurement and Facebook’s match rate, an issue the company has been improving upon greatly in recent years. A move lauded by the industry, assuming correct estimates that the global mobile advertising market will surpass $100 billion in 2016.

Information sourced from people’s profile pages will include name, phone number, e-mail and physical address, country of residence, company and job title, with the addition of 3 more drop down boxes available to advertisers, to solicit further information, such as topics of personal interest and how often the user would like to be contacted.

With privacy concerns prominent in the product’s development, advertisers will be restricted from re-selling the information acquired, however they would be allowed to keep the information.