Google Ads App now available on iOS

AdWords iOS App Digital Marketing

Google now offers an on the go solution with the Google Ads App, meaning search marketers no longer need to be desk bound, glued to PCs when managing campaigns. What Android users had a chance to enjoy for a while is finally available on Apple devices too.

Not only does the Google Ads App allow an overview of campaign trends such as impressions, click-through rates (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) it also allows clients to make bid adjustments and pause or start campaigns without the need to dash back to the office. Along with the great features just mentioned, the App will also give suggestions to improve campaign performance and real-time notifications if a campaign runs out of budget.

For retail clients who previously have had to intensively monitor campaigns during busy periods, the App will provide flexibility to do this remotely. Another benefit of the App is the ability to access top level stats and numbers whilst in meetings when data is changing continuously.

The free Google Ads App is now available both – on iOS from the iTunes App Store and for Android users, from the Google Play Store.