Making your keywords work harder

Best performing keywords

Your keyword lists are built; you’ve identified the high converting keywords and you’re getting qualified traffic to your site but can you get even more traffic from those high converting terms? Below are a few tips and tricks to help you squeeze an extra few visits from your star performers in both organic and paid channels.

SEO Keywords

Check your page titles

Ranking for a keyword is great but only if your great search position leads to a click. Reviewing and tweaking your page’s title tag can help you to get more clicks from your keyword. Google Search Console search query report by page can help you to track progress.

Look for modified variations

Another way to drive more traffic to your core term is to look for modified versions and work these into the body copy of your ranking page. If you haven’t already, look at tools such as UberSuggest and as they can help you to discover a list of modified terms that are being suggested in Google autocomplete. There could even be an opportunity to breakout a modified term and create unique content which could drive additional traffic in its own right.

Paid Search

Test, test, test…

Testing is often over looked and one of the simplest ways to drive more traffic to your website from well performing keywords.

When working with pay-per-click (PPC) don’t forget to test your ad copy. The more clicks an ad gets, the more traffic your website gets, this can result in a higher click-through rate which in turn then helps to improve your quality score.  A high quality score can then reduce the cost of each click which might mean you want to bid more aggressively to get even more of the traffic from your already strong performing keyword.

Your ads are working; traffic is coming to your site, now look and check if your landing page is performing. Are the visits converting? If you know the keywords are delivering traffic to a landing page that works, you can bid more aggressively for that word in order to increase conversions without blowing up your cost per acquisition.

Target display ads to keyword searchers

Google Ads has a great feature called ‘display select keywords’ which essentially lets you create a remarketing style list and target people who have searched your keyword with a display ad. This is a great feature as you can target people who haven’t visited your site but have shown interest in your keyword.

Remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA)

Another great Google Ads feature is RLSA. What this feature does, is allow you to set a different bid for visitors searching your term who have previously visited your site. These return visitors are more likely to convert so bidding more aggressively may deliver good results.

Remarket to the non-convertors

A lot of traffic coming to your landing pages from PPC won’t convert, however, there is an opportunity to create a custom remarketing list for traffic that arrived via your specific keyword and then show this audience an ad for a special offer related to that keyword.

Don’t forget about Bing

The final PPC tip to get more traffic from keywords that you know work well for you is to look beyond Google… While Bing won’t drive the same volume of traffic you may still be able to drive traffic at a reduced cost-per-click and cost-per-conversion.

Whether for organic or paid search, keywords are crucial for your content being found and ultimately how well your content performs. Those star performing keywords just might be able to deliver even more quality clicks leading to more conversions. The tips and tricks in this blog are a few ways to work your keywords harder but for more information on SEO and PPC strategy contact the team at LOGIC1 to see how we can help.