Search ads in Google Play

Google Play

For Android users, app discovery is about to get a whole lot easier thanks to the launch of Search Ads in the Google Play Store.

Search plays a key role in app discovery and is one of the biggest drivers of app installs with users looking to their phones for instant answers to their latest ‘need-to-know’, ‘want-to-know’ questions all day, every day.

The benefits of Search Ads in the Google Play Store will be twofold; happy Android users, finding the latest and greatest apps to meet their needs, which until now they may never have discovered and happy developers, with high quality users able to find and install their apps.


Search Ads – a proven success

App promotion strategies will now be able to incorporate Google Play, further widening the opportunity for app installs. With Google Play’s huge reach, 1 billion Android users in over 190 countries, Search Ads will be a welcome addition. Google has already proven on the strategy of showing search ads next to organic search results improves content discovery.

Search Ads on Google Play will be available to all advertisers and developers who use Search app install campaigns on Google Ads

Promoting your apps on Google Play

Google is committed to making app promotion across Google Play and its other properties, including Search, YouTube, the AdMob in-app network and the Google Display Network with its 2M + sites, as easy as possible with Universal App Campaigns.

Universal App Campaigns is a new campaign type that allows you to set up and manage Android app install ads in Google Ads or directly from the Google Play Developer Console.

Universal App Campaigns will be as simple as providing a little information on your app, who you want to reach and what you can spend and the clever team at Google will do the rest.