Ensuring quality, user-centric website design and development for your business with a compelling return on investment is what LOGIC1 does best.

Regardless of what size your company is, we can help you build, implement or alter your site with our expert web development team. LOGIC1 are Shopify Partners, and our team of experts specialise in platforms including Magento, SquareSpace, SilverStripe, WordPress and Wix. LOGIC1 will ensure mobile-friendly, responsive designs that convert customers to life-long advocates; it all starts with a great online experience. No matter what services you offer, what products you sell online or what information you are looking to share, a well-built and optimised website will help you achieve those goals a lot faster.

Web Development Services

LOGIC1 provides a variety of website development services at every stage of the process. Our development services include:

  • Website and e-commerce planning and strategy
  • E-commerce setup, payment gateway and accounting integration
  • Mobile-first, speed and user experience optimisation
  • Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics advanced tracking setup
  • Website hosting, migrations, CMS and domain management

Why Choose a Web Development Company?

Your company website is the digital representation of your business and is often the first interaction your clients will have with you. It is critical to plan and properly execute your website build to ensure it delivers the best results. A tremendous amount of time and money is wasted on poorly optimised websites that aren't set up to convert or where there is no way of tracking user interactions to allow for future optimisation. Our integrated approach ensures that all aspects of a successful online presence are delivered.

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