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Organic Blogging & Content Strategy


As a well-known brand with global targeting, our client is a market leader for all their products. Targeting overseas users and entering into their decision-making process as early as possible was essential to their long-term growth, especially when they dominated the SERPs. We needed to find more high-quality traffic streams for them organically, so we created a blogging strategy that would appeal directly to users search intent.

Our Approach

Our Process

We used a data-driven approach to strategise the organic blogging strategy, ensuring visibility from organic search engines by researching specific queries and relevant traffic levels relating to their offerings. We combined the knowledge found through the data with creative ideas and writing, ensuring that the content increased session durations and kept users interested.

Increase in new sessions
Increase in new users
Increase in average session duration


LOGIC1 successfully implemented an organic blogging strategy, delivering an increase in sessions, new users and direct transactions from high-quality traffic. This benefitted the website as more users were engaging with content for longer periods of time, creating higher authority for search engines and greater brand awareness to new users visiting the site.