How to use the psychology of colour for website conversions

Here at LOGIC1, we love to measure results and retest them again to optimise for greater performance, which has made us find the topic of colour psychology so important when thinking about potential leads and conversions online. If you’re already getting a little bit lost in some of the digital marketing terms we’re using, check […]

How to Create a Facebook Group for your Business – Step by Step Guide with Images

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have been becoming more popular as a way of connecting to an audience on a more personal, community-based level. By interacting with an audience on a more personal level, this allows a stronger relationship to foster, which can create lucrative rewards in the long term. That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step guide on […]

How to get a start-up business off the ground

how to get your start up off the ground

Are you thinking of bringing a dream business idea of yours to reality? Maybe you already have, but the monetary results you were hoping for haven’t started flowing as much as you’d hoped quite yet. Digital marketing is a great way to gain tracks when you’re trying to get your business on the map. That’s […]

5 simple tips for creating social media content for small businesses

When it comes to social media marketing for small business, knowing where to start is often the hardest part. We all get busy working in the business, that working on the business and creating a top-notch social media presence can end up on the back burner. Social media marketing in small business should be about […]

New Zealand Local and International Shopping Trends

We’ve touched upon mobile trends in New Zealand and consumer behaviour & online shopping habits. But did you know that New Zealanders prefer to buy locally? 53% state they’d prefer to buy products within their own country. When they’re hunting for local businesses and products, more than half of Kiwis use the internet to find […]

New Zealand Consumer Behaviour & Online Shopping Trends

We’ve recently reported on the mobile trends in New Zealand based on Google Consumer Barometer data and found that 81% of Kiwis own a smartphone and use them to go online at least as often as computers and tablets. In fact, 95% of New Zealanders use the internet every day, confirming the fact that small […]

How To Get A Graduate Job

Hello, readers. My name is Cree and I’m a recent graduate with fulltime employment in my field of study. We exist, and there are more of us than commonly thought. ‘But not enough’, some of you might be thinking, and you’re not wrong – ideally the employment rate would be 100% but this isn’t a […]

Working with YouTube Analytics

With the prediction for video to account for 82% of all web traffic by 2021, now is the time to start investing in this channel from content production and advertising perspective. And YouTube brand channel is the best starting point for growing video presence. But what metrics really matter when analysing the performance of your […]

Digital Marketing Glossary

So you’d like to start growing your business online, but are totally lost with all the technical jargon and acronyms. That’s why we’ve put together this digital marketing glossary, complete with all of the important, relevant and interesting terms used in Digital Marketing. Ad Click When a user clicks on an ad to see the full […]

Facebook advertising and landing pages

Landing Pages are the gateway to your success. They introduce potential customers to your company, your product or service and the benefits you offer. If you are having trouble getting your customers to convert, the problem can often be found in poorly optimized landing pages. Landing pages are often overlooked, and businesses put more focus […]