Facebook Business Pages improve mobile experience

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook has announced a number of changes to business Pages to enhance the experience for mobile and tablet users. With one-third of all Facebook users only logging in on mobile phones, Facebook are committed to making changes to ensure usability for this growing number of users is as efficient and convenient as possible.

Over one billion people visit Facebook business Pages each month, making Pages an ideal (and free!) marketing platform to house essential business information that existing and future customers might be looking for. With this in mind, Facebook has just released a number of features to help businesses prioritise the most important information.

Call to action buttons

To help businesses achieve their individual objectives Facebook has given ‘call to action’ (CTA) buttons a brighter, bolder look as well as situating the button prominently under the cover photo. As all businesses will differ in their objectives there are a number of CTA buttons to choose from including; Contact Us, Send Message, Call Now and Watch Video. Facebook will be testing and adding new CTA buttons overtime.

New sections for businesses

Along with the different ‘call to action’ buttons, Facebook has also introduced sections to help businesses to display their offerings in the most relevant way, however, initially the options will be limited to ‘Shop’ and ‘Services’. For example, retail businesses can list products that they sell, whereas non retail businesses will be able to list services that they offer. More types of sections will be added in the near future, meaning a wider variety of organisation types will be able to display the most relevant information to them.

Facebook_Business Services_NZDMI

Page Layout

As more Page users are connecting via phones and tablets Facebook are also making improvements to the layout to minimise scrolling and clicking. The new layout will have tabs, much like the current photo and video tabs. The introduction of tabs will make navigating from one section to another much easier and more efficient on hand held devices. The default home/landing page tab will show highlights from each of the other sections previewing the most relevant information when a visitor first lands on a Page.

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