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I’ve just got back from 2 weeks in Australia visiting family and escaping the dreaded Inversion.  I was struck by the ease with which I was able to continue working as a website developer overseas.

This in part came down to Vodafone Roaming, which is really pretty good value these days.  For $5/day I got my full allowance of minutes, SMS and most importantly data in Australia, so for 14 days away this cost me $70.  By way of comparison, I vividly recall travelling through Italy a few years back and in desperation to find a way out of Rome, turned on Roaming so as to use Google Maps.  This ultimately cost me about $240, though I admit that this happened more than once…  Regardless – $240 was faaar too much.

Anyway – I just activated the Wi-Fi hotspot on my phone, connected the laptop to it an away I went – far easier that trying to use “free” internet services at the various places we stayed.

LOGIC1 is a Google Apps authorised reseller and as such it’s no surprise that I use Google Apps myself.  It’s not that unusual to be able to get to your email from anywhere these days, but the fact that I could also access all of my files stored in Google Drive was awesome.

Finances weren’t affected either, with Internet banking and Xero for Accounts I really did have everything I needed to be able to work remotely.  The fact that Vodafone was still providing me unlimited calls meant that I was still contactable and could make calls without worrying about getting a horrendous bill.  Here’s hoping I don’t need to edit this post at the end of this month…

If you’re reading this and would like to know more about Google G Suite / Apps or mobile office productivity in general – please get in touch.