DIY content – what’s the opportunity?

DIY Content Digital Marketing Initiative

Mobiles are yet again changing not only the way that we, the users, look for products and information – they are changing how brands need to get in front of their target audience.

Every single day mobile users pull out their devices to help them with their latest ‘need-to-know’ at the moment queries. In fact, the latest figures show that 91% turn to their phones when completing a task. People increasingly use YouTube, particularly the millennials, with ‘how-to’ searches growing 70% year on year. Year to date, in North America alone over 100M hours of ‘how-to’ content has been watched.

Google research shows that 67% of millennials agree that they can find a YouTube video of anything that they want to learn. Traditional marketing channels such as broadcast and print still successfully get content to the masses but without any signal of intent, it is impossible to know if the consumer either wants or needs your product.

Brands such as Home Depot and M.A.C are using this shift in behaviour to their advantage, creating content that gets in front of the user at the crucial moment of intent.

Home Depot have been creating ‘how-to’ video content for home improvement, outdoor projects and homeowner basics whilst M.A.C has used their ‘how-to’ video content to drive sales with a nifty YouTube gadget that allows users to purchase directly from its ‘Instant Artistry’.

How can DIY content work for you?

The success of DIY content hinges on the fact that when people are asking ‘how-to’ do something, they have a need, meaning that they are in that moment of intent.

So what can you do? Firstly, identify your brands ‘want-to-do’ moments and put them at the centre of your strategy. Once you’ve got these ‘want-to-do’ moments identified go and create some great video content for your website and YouTube to answer these needs. Once you’ve created your video content add relevant titles, descriptions and tags to make sure it can be found and should you want to take it even further promote your DIY content with TrueView in-stream and in-display and further target your audience.

With a well thought out approach, great ‘how-to’ video content that can be easily found, creating DIY content is the perfect way to not only showcase your brand and product but more importantly get in front of the people who are asking for your help.