How to Create a Facebook Group for your Business – Step by Step Guide with Images

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have been becoming more popular as a way of connecting to an audience on a more personal, community-based level. By interacting with an audience on a more personal level, this allows a stronger relationship to foster, which can create lucrative rewards in the long term. That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to create a Facebook Group for your business, including screenshots and other optional (yet handy) changes which you can alter to the group too.

  1. On your business’ page, press “…” up the top (beside follow and share buttons), then click “Create Group”
  2. Name your group, add people, select level of privacy and visibility of group
  3. Personalise other settings on your group page

Make sure you add in a description, category, tags, locations, and other important details that may interest your target audience.

Make sure to link your business page to the group page in settings, especially if your group is visible to non-group members. Whether you make your group is visible depends on what your goals for the business’ group is.

You can categorise posts by creating topics to organise your posts. This helps users find more meaningful and valuable posts to what they’re after fast and effectively

You can write up to 10 rules for everyone on the group page must follow. If they don’t admin can delete them from the group and ban them completely.  You can find this feature through going to the group’s main page. Click “More” > “Moderate Group” > “Create Rules”

Another feature which comes in incredibly handy for businesses with Facebook groups is Keyword Alerts. By setting up alerts to be sent to admin when group members use certain words or phrases in their posts on the page, this gives the admin greater ease when reviewing user content and related trends. This option is found under “Moderate Group”

Extra Tip: Think about what type of audience you’re trying to target. What will they gain the most value from? In other words, if they will likely be more engaged with brief entertainment (such as posting memes), maybe try out the Instant Games Feature. Simply Press “More” à “Edit Group Settings” and scroll to the “Sections” area to press “Add”.


If your target audience is trying to learn or gain further information on a topic which you’re an expert in, maybe try adding Social Learning Units instead (found in the same area as instant games).

If you’re still a little stuck on which steps to take next for your Facebook marketing strategy to be a hit, contact us today- we can help you with every step of the process.