Facebook page messages

Facebook Page Messaging

Private Facebook messages have been around, and well used, for some time with many people choosing to communicate in a private and less public forum. Until now there were some limitations with Facebook page messages, but the recent updates are about to change it all. So if you are a business Page admin or are thinking […]

Facebook tests Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads

In testing its potential new product, Facebook is pushing the envelope in new techniques dedicated to lead generation and direct response advertising. Lead Ads are being tested around the world by just a couple of dozen global companies, the names of which have not yet been released by Facebook, and, with successful feedback, will see […]

Everything you need to know about Google My Businesss

Google My Business

Fulfilling a prediction in our previous blog The power of local marketing, Google has launched their latest small-business marketing package; Google My Business. What does Google My Business do? Essentially a consolidation of several small business online tools, Google My Business builds on the idea that there’s always someone looking for your products or services; it’s […]

Instagram marketing and should you use it?

Instagram Marketing

Did you know Instagram has now over 200 million users globally? It has to be an impressive number for a company no one heard of 3 or 4 years ago. Since the social giant Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012 the numbers continue to go only one way – up. With 60 million photos uploaded daily […]

Facebook Audience Network is here

Facebook Audience Network

The launch of Facebook Audience Network was announced this week, and there’s a great level of excitement among online marketers regarding this opportunity. Currently available only in beta, this mobile network will not only add to Facebook’s extensive targeting options list, but will also enable app developers to monetize their work. So, how does it […]

Rediscover LinkedIn


LinkedIn in New Zealand It was recently announced that LinkedIn reached the 300 million users mark. Which, for a network so strongly focused on business, is an impressive milestone. According to Roy Morgan Research, in New Zealand alone there are over 313,000 LinkedIn users, with more than a half earning $70k+. It is currently the […]

Being local on Facebook

social media buttons

More and more often I see local ads appearing in my Facebook feed. And while it is great to see familiar business embracing the platform, it also always makes me wonder – is the money invested in this activity spend with a specific goal in mind? Running a Facebook campaign The key to a successful […]